Importance of Employee Training and Development in HRM

In the dynamic work environment it is important for companies to improve the skill of their manpower. It is critical for employees to learn new things and enhance their skills to meet the work competitions in the business environment. Thus, the training and development programs run by the company is beneficial for both organization and employee.

What is the Need of Training and Development?

What is the Importance of Training and Development?

Objective and Purpose of Training & Development

  1. One of the most effective methods to show your employees that you value them is to provide them with training. It demonstrates that you care as much about their well-being and development as they do about your company’s. Employees that are well taken care of will never desire to work somewhere else.
  2. Training can be used as a preventative measure to prepare people for expected and unforeseen changes and challenges in the workplace. It only makes sense to keep our staff prepared in times like ours, when trends are always changing due to online innovation.
  3. There is no better way to produce future leaders than to train the most talented individuals available. Employees will have a clear career path, resulting in lower attrition and discontent.
  4. Employees are a significant and most important component of a company’s assets, and caring for them entails caring for the firm as a whole.  Therefore, any business organization that invests their time and money in its employees’ education or Training & development can only succeed in achieving their business goals and advance further.

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